Monday, March 31, 2014

My lovely March


I had such an amazing month so far. March really is a tough month for me personally and Malaysian generally. This year is definitely going to be one great year.


  • I am in love with Hope in a jar
  • I bought Pic tap Go for my iPhone. I've finally cave in and bought one this month. I totally love the filter in this app.
  • My baby boy is twenty three month now. And he will be two years old next month
  • I am loving the yearly project which is 30 days of list. This is my sixth time joining in the fun of making lists. 
  • I am feeling healthier this month and so far there's no sick days.
  • I write an Open Letter to my youngest son. I feel like we never write letter to each other anymore.
  • Dropbox really makes my life so much easier. I finally have a place where I can keep all my important documents and working files in one place and it will be available to me anywhere in any platform. 
  • My Project 365 and  Digital Project Life is going great. So far I've managed to keep up and taking photos daily. I am at the end of first quarter of the year. By next week  I'm in the second quarter of the year.
  • I am also doing P90X3 which is only 30 minutes. I like it but not as much as Focus T25.
  • I am watching CSI Season 13 and Grimm Season 3 a lot this month.
  • The nation unite during the toughest time #MH370 is still missing and so does my friend Sofuan Ibrahim.
I hope you had an amazing March and discover many new favorites. I am looking forward to a beautiful March and spend a lot of time doing more Project Life.

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