Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hanif // 23 months

Oh boy! Next month he will be two years old. Seriously?! It feel just like yesterday I was holding him in my arms on my hospital bed. Where does my baby goes? I am officially having a toddler in the house.


Some random things about him so far.....
  • he loves me a little to much. I love him dearly.

  • he cries a lot lately which I have no idea why

  • he loves to eat rice

  • he always wants me to sit beside him while he plays

  • he doesn't watch much television

  • communication with him is so much fun. Aside from using his words, he also used sign language to communicate with me

  • finding out what he wants when he cries can be very challenging. Sometimes I just have no idea what he wants

  • I bought him a few bright and fun toys to play. He seems to enjoy it very much as long as me or his siblings play with him

  • I need to upgrade his clothing to two years old and up

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