Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Goal this week : Mix T25 and P90X3

So far I am having problem sticking to  my schedule due some health issue I have been having during the month of February. So for March I decided to try again, making plan and goals for this week and follow through. Hopefully everything will move according to plan. I am not sure if I will ever get my weight to be 58kg or anything less, at least I am going to try and make my body fit and healthy.

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Here is my fitness plan for this week: [Week 03]
  1. I try to follow P90X3 workout schedule but I do think I need more Cardio and more sweat which I am lacking when I do solely P90X3. So for this week I am going to alternate between Focus T25 and P90X3 for seven days and see how my body response to program. 
  2. I still love doing Jari Love Get Ripped workout, so I am going to squeeze the workout in during weekend.
  3. I am so loving P90X Dynamic workout. It looks like the workout focus more on stretching but it doesn't get my heart pumping and I did sweat. It's that tough.
  4. Since this week, the weather and temperature in my country is so damn hot, I am going to up my water intake to 2 litter in the morning, 2 litter in the evening and 1 litter at night. If I still feel thirsty by Wednesday, I might up my water intake to 3 litter in the morning and 3 litter in the evening.
  5. Eat Oatmeal with milk for early breakfast around 6:30am after my morning workout.
  6. I am not eliminate rice this week, just lower the portion and try to eat as many vegetable and protein as possible.
  7. Do double workout on Wednesday - T25 Extreme Circuit (morning) and P90X Warrior (evening)
  8. Keep my tummy straight and tight as much as possible through out the day especially during Solah. 
  9. Recite Quran every morning for at least 15 minutes and control my breathing
  10. Collect inspiration and motivation workout and health quotes on pinterest. Make my own vision board on Evernote

This is part of the process of changing my lifestyle gradually. I need to take stock of what's work and what's not working. This is also part of my one little word in action - documenting my process

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