Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Three things // Places I would love to visit

One of my action plan for my one little word is to find a journaling prompt and write about it. So today I choose a prompt related to three things, and I would like to write about three places I would love to visit.

I was at awe when I heard of a family of six successfully arrived in Malaysia after 155 days road trip from UK. I thought that was cool and they were living my dream. I do remember when I was a little girl, I always dream of travelling the world. The first thing that crossed my mind was how did they find the time to do so. 
It has been a long time since I thought about travelling. After settling down, get married and have kids, those dreams seems to fade away. 

Since this year, my one little word is to write, I am going to put down into words about my dream of travelling and maybe one day all of this can come true. If I have the time and the money I would love to travel around the world - not in 80 days but probably for a year. I don't want to rush the journey, it's not the destination that is important to me but the experience of meeting new people, the culture, all kind of weathers, the food, the scenery and appreciate Allah's creation. 


If I am not able to have round the world road trip, there are three places that I would love to visit - they are....

#1. Rome  

What can I say, Rome the capital city of Italy. The place where you can still experience Renaissance and Baroque erra. 

#2. Paris  

Who wouldn't love to visit this romantic place, Eiffel Tower. The experience of actually going there triumph any imagination or preset mind that I might have. 

#3. Cairo 

I would love to see Pyramid , live with my own two eyes. By seeing the photos I can felt the energy and hardship people back then to make a mark. Thousands of years ago, people have this desire to leave a legacy, make a mark and memory keeping. Pyramid is one of the largest memory keeping out there. This monument leave a story of what life were like back then.

May one day my dream to travel the world will come true. 

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