Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goal this week: Small changes

When you are trying to make a positive changes in your life, the most important thing is to make a plan, stick with it and document the process. 
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I am so determine to make this week at least make small changes weekly and see how my mind and body reacts to the change.

Here is my fitness plan for this week: [Week 01]
  1. Eliminate rice from my diet for at least 5 days. Even though I don't really like rice I usually end up eating them during lunch time. So for this week I will make a conscious decision not to eat them especially at night.
  2. Continue Exercise with T25 by Shaun T from Monday  to Saturday. I also plan to do T25 exercise twice on Wednesday and Saturday 
  3. I have been neglecting to do my stretching , so on Sunday I will do Pilates to give my body time to adjust and relax the muscle 
  4. Drink Herbalife tea through out the day from Monday - Friday. My goal is to drink at least 3 litter during the day.
  5. Drink at least 4 litter of water per day from Monday - Sunday. 3 litter during the day and one litter at night
  6. Drink Herbalife shake for breakfast and at night. I still plan to mix the shake with low fat milk and one tablespoon of peanut butter.
    [source from internet: ShaunT]
  7. For lunch eat light. I am not going hunting so I don’t really need to stock up on carbo.
    Monday: eat musli mix + low fat milk
    Tuesday: eat musli mix + low fat milk
    Wednesday: salmon caesar salad
    Thursday: spagethi
    Friday : musli mix + low fat milk
    [for this week, say no to rice]
  8. Take at least 30 minutes nap during lunch break (to keep myself from eating or drink unhealthy stuffs)
  9. Wake up at 10 minutes earlier than usual. Prepare myself mentally before beginning T25 exercise
  10. Limit my cup of hot milo or hot nescafe to only once a day. Make sure I drink at least one litter of water after.
This is part of the process of changing my lifestyle gradually. I need to take stock of what's work and what's not working. This is also part of my one little word in action - documenting my process

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