Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Amazing discount at

Do you love Hijab and always hunting for beautiful colour and design from the internet? Hunt no more, you can find beautiful hijab and design and a low price at

I am super excited to announce that as a reader of haniz-eyecandy blog, you got to buy all of these beautiful Hijab at 15% off. The price is already cheap and you can get it even cheaper by entering the special code exclusive for haniz-eyecandy reader.

I have been browsing the store myself and these are the top ten Hijab that made my wish lists  from Tudung 2U :
#1. KANGAROO ® Athirah Shawl Half Moon Chiffon 2 Tone 3 -  Price: RM 24.00

#2.  KIM FASHION ® Alanna Shawl Half Moon Chiffon Vietnam Manik 4 - Price: RM30.00 

#3. KANGAROO ® Tudung Bawal Plain Kangaroo 68 - Price RM:6.00

#4. MOJ COLLECTION ® Darina Tudung Bawal 2 Layer Plain Biru Price RM:30.00

#5. EMPEROR ®Afeefa Tudung Bawal Tone Bidang 45 5 : Price RM:18.00

#6. ANGGUN EXCLUSIVE ®Aisya Shawl Half Moon Express Chiffon Korea dengan Anak Tudung 8 - Price RM:48.00

#7. NANA'S COLLECTIONS ®Adieba Shawl Labuh Viscose Corak Tribal Biru  -Price RM:20.00

#8. EMPEROR ® Afeefa Tudung Bawal Tone Bidang 45 9 :Price RM:18.00

#9. AIRIS ®Adni Tudung Bawal Kelantan No.1 Tone Sulam Empat Segi Purple - Price RM:42.00

#10. AIRIS ® Adni Tudung Bawal Kelantan No.1 Tone Batu Cherry Korea Purple - Price RM:34.00

And now to the fun part, shopping time! Only for haniz-eyecandy blog reader this is the 15% discount code especially for you for being a loyal reader and friend.


Just enter the above code when you check out and you will get 15% your purchased. There's only one catch, the code is valid until 28 February 2014!

So what are you waiting for, head down to and shop away.

They don't ship worldwide but they do ship to a few asian country. For the full list you can visit here.

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