Sunday, January 26, 2014

Twenty one Months {Hanif}

I almost forgot to record his twenty first month milestone. Since today is Sunday, we were busy enjoying each other's company.

Some random things about him 
* he loves to eat banana
* he doesn't like to eat apple
* he really can understand simple instruction
* he is still so damn cute
* he can recognise some simple objects and actions like ball, 'air', 'makan', tong sampah, susu
* he walks down the stairs and up the stairs by himself like an expert. He walks so carefully and really watch his steps.
* he finally agreed to drink milk from a bottle 
* I really have to be careful where I put my Project Life cards. He loves to play with those cards
* he always move away every time I try to take his photos. I really have to grab his attention just to capture him looking at the camera

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