Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The untold story

Back in November 5th 2006, I started my journey as a blogger. At first my intention was to write a little bit of this and a little bit of that about my life in general. It was such a great experience for me to be able to share my in sights and my thoughts about life and random things. Back then it was never about the money, it was never about popularity, it was only about the stories.

In April 2008, I decided to close my old blog and open a new blog that focus more on digital scrapbook, photos, life, art and beautiful things. My intention was to blog about all the happy things and all the beautiful things in life. This blog has become my sweet escape.

Since than the blogging world has bloom and become an industry on it's own, popularity and money becomes the main objectives. I was suck into that world and along the way I have lost the fun and the freedom to be myself. I just don't want to quit blogging. This is my sanity, this is my passion. I may not have the time to scrapbook all the things I want to remember, at least I have a little piece of history jot down on this blog.

I went to Ali Edwards, A Beautiful Mess, Amy T Shubert , Elise Blaha and many more for inspiration. This is when my One Little Word hit me right in the face - Write or Journal. I want to document my life more and write about them. I have thousands of random photos of my life and people around me in my hard disk and on flickr but with no stories attached to it. I was so busy obsessing with snapping photos but never really sit down, take a pause and really document and write my stories.
Once in a while when I had the time to scrap, I will write my journaling on the layout and these layout still remain on my hard disk.

Now with all the technology in the world, people still want to make a mark and tell our stories. Having something tangible you can hold on and look at is still the best option. This is where project life and smash book helps to simplify the process.

Just by writing this post, lists of ideas keep flooding in my mind for documenting the everyday like....
- I could make a layout base on this untold story
- the process of loosing weight
- pregnancy journal
- lists of the awesome things about your life right now
- top 5 apps that you use daily
- your inspiration journal or notebook
- 5 things you worry right now
- your bucket list
- if you could be in a tv show which one would you be in

Prompts like this can really help you to take a pause, think and write what's on your mind.

My intention and planning for this year is to think and invite my word into my life on a daily basis. Get the habit of writing back into my life. So far I am using Day One app for writing down facts, thoughts and feelings about my project 365. I also use Evernote to make plans and ideas of what to write and lists of the things that kept, lingering in my mind. I also use Dropbox to keep all my Digital Project Life working files and finished layout so that I have access to them in all my devices ( so damn cool!)

Documenting your life is not only fun but it's historical. No one can tell your stories better than you.

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