Monday, January 27, 2014

Project Life [Week 04]

Things are moving a little bit faster this week. I am struggling finding a new theme and what to capture on a daily basis. I sometimes refer to fatmumslim blog for inspiration. I am still trying to find a perfect and simple process for my daily photo. Something simple that I can do in less than one minute. Being consistent is the key to keep this project going for three hundred and sixty days.

This is my Digital Project Life for Week 04

Page 1
Page 2


Side by Side


This will be my look and feel for my photo book by the end of the year. Compiling these page weekly is so satisfying. I really hope I can maintain this phase. But in a case where I might not be able to them, I will not freak out because I know all the information is there in my day one app, in flickr and in my digital project life folder properly organize.

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