Tuesday, January 14, 2014

OLW: Write a.k.a journaling

This year I am planning to write, just write or in other word documenting my life a.k.a journaling.


We are in our week three of twenty fourteen and I am starting to feel like inviting writing into my world is not as easy as I thought. Writing intentionally is the key here. So my plan for this month is to dedicate Tuesday as the day where I write a blog post dedicated to journaling. Since I am not the expert in writing or journaling, I found that journaling prompts from others can help me to start thinking and write a little bit more about myself.

Today I found this 15 fastest journaling prompt which I think can really help me get started.

  1. Favourite Colour – l love pink because this colour really help to cheer me up especially when I was in a bad mood.
  2. Favourite Movie or TV CharacterRachel Green from Friends. She is sweet, innocent and brave at the same time. (Suddenly I felt like watching this show all over again)
  3. Favourite Candy –  I love chocolate and my current favourite is Cadbury plain chocolate.
  4. Favourite Drink – Ice Milo / hot chocolate
  5. Favourite Flower – I don’t really have any favourite flower at the moment.
  6. Favourite Collection – Definitely my Project Life stash, either the real version or the digital version of the kits
  7. Favourite Food – Spaghetti Aglio Olio or Spaghetti Cabonara 
  8. Favourite Animal – I am not an animal lover so I don’t have any favourite.
  9. Favourite MoviePitch Perfect – I just love movie related to singing or dancing
  10. Favourite TV ShowThe Vampire Diaries
  11. Favourite Season – Since we don’t have four seasons here, I think my favourite season would be end of the year, where we have sales all around and the school is out. 
  12. Hobbies & Talents – Digital Scrapbooking, blogging, photography, reading, Project Lifer, Smash book and lister.
  13. Anywhere in the world I would like to be or go – Rome
  14. What I love to wear – I still love to wear my Levis jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt
  15. A way I like to relax – watching my favourite TV shows or scrapbooking

Thanks to Kathy the Scrapbook Lady for the inspiration

This lists definitely will go into my One Little Word Smashbook.

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