Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today I...

Some random things about the last day of 2013

* I am enjoying my day off from work. Come to think of it I don’t think I ever work on the last day of the year
* I am making a personal goals to make two Project Life album in 2014. One will be a hardcopy version and the other one would be a digital version
* I am still making some last minute shopping before new year comes
* I am still nursing my baby boy. I need to start weaning him off very slowly because he get very stubborn when it comes to nursing
* I already have my word for 2014
* I still have a lot of photos to process, backup and prepare for 2014
* I plan to join project 365 for 2014
* I enrolled my kids at a nearby class
* I ate durian with my kids. It was the best durian ever!
* I am wondering why I haven't had enough rest even though I'm on vacation
* I am disappointed with the movie"Ular" - somehow all the characters lack soul and I didn't feel sad or disappointed when they died

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