Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Focus T25 Gamma // Week Three Review

By week three I have reached my plateau. My weight doesn’t seem to go down at all. I think I might be losing inches just because I can fit into my pre pregnancy clothes again. Doing strength training workout makes me want to eat more. I have to be careful with that.


Current weight: 58.6kg

My Review and Tips

  • Speed 3.0 is definitely getting tougher and harder just because I know the workout now and can focus more
  • I have be watched what I ate just because I am doing the workout every day doesn’t mean I can eat what I want
  • I increased my cardio this week by doing Speed 1.0 during weekend
  • I am beginning to despise The Pyramid. I just can’t finished all the workout anymore… hemmm
  • I still love Extreme Circuit the best compare to the other.

So far I have a very strange third week. Most of the workout doesn’t seem to be getting easier. Somehow every thing gets tougher. I am on my fourth week now. I can feel my abs getting stronger on the inside. I just wish I could see it on the outside.

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