Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Focus T25 Gamma Cycle // Week 1 review

I started Gamma Cycle Week One last week. This cycle focus more on strength training. As always when I focus with strength training I am not going to see any drop in my weight. Hopefully I will feel the different when I ware my old clothes.

t25-gamma Current weight: 57kg

My Review and Tips

  • day 1: Speed 3.0  -Speed 3.0 follows Speed 2.0 style. I think Speed 3.0 is less challenging than Speed 2.0. Maybe I expected more challenging workout and I didn't like the song in Speed 3.0

  • day 2 : Ript Up--- purely upperbody strength workout. It's a good idea to start with lighter weight if you are not used to strength training. I did this workout early in the morning and by 4:00 pm I totally felt sore in my upper body

  • day 3: Extreme Circuit – this workout test your endurance and build muscle mass. Weight all the way. By day 3 I am totally missed Speed 2.0, so sneak in Speed 2.0 in the evening. It was so much fun and energizing at the same time

  • day 4: The Pyramid – this is still a strength training but the movie build up like a pyramid. Starting with a lighter weight is also wise. I think by second week you can increase the weight

  • day 5: Speed 3.0 – the fifth day you do another cardi with speed 3.0. The second time around, you started to get the hang of it and it becomes challenging. Focus focus focus is definitely the key

  • As I mention earlier, doing strength training will not make me loose weight but I am sure I loose inches/cms.. I should start measuring that but somehow I am a bit lazy to measure. As long as I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans I am totally happy.

I am so looking forward to Week Two. Since Gamma Cycle focus more on strength, I will mix it up with Speed 2.0 or Core Cardio from Beta Cycle as an add on to the program.

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