Sunday, October 13, 2013

30 day self portrait challenge // Week 2

So far my second week on this challenge is very interesting. Making a challenge like this work really need consistency and commitment. The key is to remember to do it every single day.

Here are my self portrait challenge for week two

day 7 Selfie day 7 outfit of the day

Since today I didn't have to go to work, my outfit if the day is a little bit casual. I live wearing pink outfit. Somehow it makes me feel happier than usual.

day 8 Day 8 my new lipstick

love my new lipstick from urban decay in the shades obssesed. It's a beautiful pink and really look good as an everyday look

day 9

Day 9

I am reloving Penultimate App for my ipad this month. It’s fun and easy to use especially with your stylus

day 10 Day 10 what's in my handbag

I have been using this handbag since August. I just love how small a light the bag is. These are the items that I carry with me daily to work. Clinique CC cream, loreal true match compact powder, wireless hotspot, earpod, thumb drives, jotnot stylus, black pen, bonia purse, revlon lipstain, mac lipstick, maybeline color tatto in Taupe shade, revlon colorstay eyeliner, my car key and my access card for the office in a small polkadot pouch.

day 11 Day 11 - my current obsession

This is definitely my current obsession, taking photos of myself and taking photos of my baby. No matter how much older he gets I've always think of him as my baby. I just can't get enough of this little boy. Such a joy to be with. He is currently in a screaming mode when he can get anything done by himself

day 12 Day 12: me and hazirah

Today we were having a family day out. We love spending time at Sony Center playing with the latest technology. This is so much fun.

day 13 Day 13

I took this idea from Beautifulmess Photo Idea book – diptych, presenting two photos at the same time. These are some random photos taken today at my house and the shiny  while camera is the latest edition to the family. Finally I  decided to buy a camera that are so different than what I usually buy.

Take a peek at my Week One progress right here.

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