Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Finds // September Six

#1. I am so in love with Canon Selphy CP900. I can't wait to get one and print all my digital photos. I think printing your photos has become a trend right now.

#2. Fancy Brused Edges by Amanda Rockwell for my Scrapbook

CU Fancy Brushed Edges 2

#3. Painted  Polaroid Frames by Allison Pennington. These will make my photos look great.

#4. Elsie makes printing photos with Canon Selphy looks cool. I am hunting for this product this weekend. I am so excited! This approach works better for me compare to Intax Mini just because this is more versatile.

#5. Life uncut will definitely makes my art journal and lists journal looks great. Suddenly I am in the mood to create and express myself through art.

#6. Hello Fall Clipping Mask by Natalie Design looks so cool.

#7. I probably need to take photos of my kids doing school work. This School Days Kit by Studio Palvinka is too cute to pass up.

#8. Create Yourself by Bella Gypsy and Sugar Fancy. Love this kit just because Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself! So many inspiration comes to mind.


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