Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Focus T25 Beta Cycle // Week 3 review

I am glad that Week 3 is finished. I am glad that this program is interesting enough that I still stick to it until week 3.

Weight today: 56.0 kg

My challenge right now is to maintain the weight and loose inches. I know that I am hitting a plateau and I need to spice things up to challenge my body.

My Review:

  • I am still feel like Speed 2.0 is a challenging workout in week 3. I love that I did Speed 2.0 twice that week. I am thinking this will be my go to exercise when I need a challenge
  • I am wondering what Speed 3.0 will look like.
  • Dynamic Core and Ript Circuit are getting easier in Week 3
  • Core Cardio is still a challenge. Speed + Agility is still my biggest challenge
  • I didn’t get a chance to do two workout on Friday, so I did Speed 2.0 on Saturday. So for week 3 I only got one day rest from Focus T25 program
  • So far I am not religious when it comes to Stretching. I need to do that this week

I am so excited for Week Four of Beta Cycle. I am so looking forward to challenge my body and be surprise.

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