Friday, August 30, 2013

Life so far.. this month

I really have a great year so far and I am enjoying every moment of it.

life so far

So far this month:
  • I register for 30 days of challenge September 2013 edition. This is my third time joining this fun challenge from Amy and Kam.
  • I celebrate Eid this year with my family. I hope and pray that every year will be like this year
  • I made two Eid cards freebies for my readers as a gift for being here with me through my journey
  • I ordered a Beautiful Mess photo idea book from Amazon. It has been a long time since the last time I ordered a book online
  • We hosted a Open House {Eid edition} for the first time since we moved to this neighborhood. It was fun and exciting to meet all of our long lost friends, close friends, family and all our neighbor
  • I had a fun and interesting experience watching Jay Jay performed live before my eyes. I used to have a crush on him when I was in high school. It brings lots of warm memories and feelings.
  • I was so smitten by Fujifilm Intax Mini 8 polaroid camera. I am thinking of getting one of those in the future. In the mean time I satisfied my polaroid appetite with this method. Now I have to think of creative ways to display and store all my Polaroid prints.
  • I am so excited that this month I started with Focus T25 Beta Cycle. It's fun and challenging at the same time. I really loves how my body feels after every workout.

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