Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Finds Eid Edition

It's the second day of Eid, how is everything going for you and your family?
Mine, was awesome! I got to spend it with the people that I love.
Here are a lists of things that you can do during these beautiful celebration.

Selamat Hari Raya daripada kami sekeluarga

* Listen to these beautiful Eid Songs during long car ride
* I love taking photos with my family. Somehow looking back at these beautiful photos can really help remembering all the cool things about Eid and family
* I hope that yesterday you have a chance to do all these great things beside visiting family and friends
* Don't forget to take lots of selfie for your 30 day self portrait challenge
* It is still not too late to send Eid ecard for your love ones. I've made these beautiful cards just for my lovely and beautiful readers. To get my old card get it here and here
* Especially for the ladies playing with makeup is so much fun. Just remember less is more.

Okay, I am off to visit my extended family which I only get a chance to see once a year due to geogrphical challenge. Anyway, hope that you have a pleasant and great Eid with your love ones.

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