Sunday, July 7, 2013

Photo prompts for Ramadan 2013

Last year I made a list of 29 photos prompt or challenge that you can capture during Ramadan. Ramadan is a special month for Muslim all over the world. It’s the time when all good deeds are rewarded more than usual and there are things that is special during Ramadan like Solah Tarawikh.
These are the lists of photography prompts for this year:
1. Routine: Photo of something that you usually do during the first day of Ramadan.
2. Where you stand: take photo of where you stand. It can tell a lot about the place you go during Ramadan.
3. Love: Take a photo of what you love about Ramadan
4. Black: Photo of something black today.
5. Shape: Any shape that capture your attention today

6. You: photo of yourself during the first week of Ramadan.
7. On my table: photo of what is on your table right now.
8. What's on your mind?: Snap a photo of what your are thinking today or what keeps bothering you.
9. 3 things: Photos of any 3 things you like.
10. Around You: Anything that capture your eyes all around you at that moment.
11. Food: What is your favorite food during Ramadan?
12. Beauty: Anything that is beautiful to you today
13. Mug: Your favorite mug of the day
14. Calm: Something that can calm you when you feel stress out
15. 6:00 pm: What are you doing right now?
16. All about Kids: It's interesting how kids view Ramadan. They are more excited especially during iftar. Capture that special moment you share with your kids during this holy month
17. Around your neighborhood : What do you see during Ramadan around where you live? Anything new?
18. In your hand: Take a photo of something in your hand
19. Pink: Shoot photo of anything pink
20. Effect: Take photos of your favorite subject and apply effect to it
21. What you wore: Out fit for the day
22. Something white:  Look for something white or a few things white and take a photo.
23. Fabric: Anything related to fabric. Zoom in on your favorite clothes to capture the pattern and the fabric
24. Sparkle: Anything sparkle that you see 
25. Stripes: Look for something stripes all around you
26. Three: What ever you imagine that related to three
27. Car: Shoot anything related to car
28. Alone: Anything that you interpret as being alone
29. Family: I cannot end this photo challenge without any photo of family. Ramadan is almost over and tomorrow is the celebration of victory. So take out your camera and shoot photos of your family right now.
Hope you enjoy this list as much as I enjoy making them. Aside from fasting and worshiping Allah during this month, you might capture and document things about this Ramadan that you want to remember for the rest of your life.
Join me this year and capture your Ramadan and share them via Instagram with hashtag #ramadandaily.

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