Thursday, July 18, 2013

Instant: The Polaroid Instant Camera // app review

I don’t really remember when the love for polaroid start. One thing is for sure it started when I have my first iphone. I have install a few apps that have the polaroid effect but that was very limited.
After doing a few research I decided to try Instant: the Polaroid Instant Camera. I just love the idea of keeping a few photos in a polaroid format. Somehow that format reminded me a lot of my childhood.
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“The app comes with 30 unique vintage style photo filters, with 10 of them closely mimicking the effects of various classic Polaroid films. Each filter is adjustable in strength, vignette and emulsion artifacts, adding even more realistic Polaroid look. Users may also add text to their Polaroid photo, selecting from 10 handwriting style fonts. Text can be freely resized, rotated and moved around by finger gestures. Users can also adjust the effect of the Polaroid border, such as choosing from 26 different colors, adding crosshatch, stain, wrinkle and fingerprints on to the border.
The Polaroid photos can be saved to your photo library and easily shared via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram (requires Instagram app pre-installed) and Sina Weibo.

Feature Highlights:
* Creative and fun user interface produces realistic experience of Polaroid instant photography
* 30 photo effects including 10 uniquely designed for Polaroid effects
* Adjustable filter effects including intensity, vignette, emulsion and grain
* 10 handwriting fonts for adding text to your photo
* 26 color borders, adjustable crosshatch, stain, wrinkle and fingerprints effects
* Easily share via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and Sina Weibo
* iPhone 5 ready
“ excerpt from apps store description box
Processed with Instant App
What do I think?
  • I love the simplicity of the app is
  • Integrated with Instagram, Flickr, facebook and twitter
  • I really like the option of adding text to the photographs I took
  • I love the option of inserting photos from your camera roll
  • This apps cost me about $1.99 if I’m not mistaken
  • Now you can convert any photos to polaroid
Here are a few samples I took using my camera and edit them using instant: the polaroid instant camera apps
Processed with Instant App Processed with Instant AppProcessed with Instant AppProcessed with Instant AppProcessed with Instant App
for more review on apps visit here


Izz Latif said...

alamak. is it only for iPhone?

The Geeks said...

Thanks for providing such a great article, it was excellent and very informative.
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