Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Focus T25 Week 3 Review

I did a review of my week 2 progress for Focus T25 . I don't know why, the more I did these workout the more I feel the challenge. I still check on the box that say "Barely made it". In a way this is good because I can progress and improve.

t25-haniz Weight today: 58.0kg

I am happy that I've managed to shred a few fat (about 0.8kg) in less than a week. Somehow it validate that I am doing something right.

My Review and Tips

  • The schedule for this week is doing Total Body Circuit twice. I think this is the toughest workout in the Alpha phase. I really to be mentally prepared before doing this workout.

  • Focus is really the key with this program. I realize that when I focus more, I feel the burn more and I sweat more too.

  • I think this is also true when you apply it to you Salah. When you focus more , you will feel more. In a way Salah is another form of exercise.

  • I am still able to maintain drinking at least 2 litter of water per night. Having a bottle of water scatter around the house really help promote the drinking habit

  • I didn't get a chance to do two workout this week on the fifth day. I only did one Saturday and the other workout I did it on Sunday. So this week I only got one day of rest from T25 program. I hope I am still burning fat and calories all the time

  • I think mixing between the low impact and the high impact routine is still better than not doing anything at all.

  • Eat right is still important when you are training your body. But once in awhile, I still think it's ok to indulge in Roti Canai in the middle of the night.

  • I am still loving the way I feel after I’ve finished the workout

  • Lunges, Hop and Squad is the combination that I am not looking forward to do. I love doing those routine in a slower version but when you throw in cardio and doing it in a faster tempo, it can really get out of balance.

I am looking forward to Week 4. The Schedule for this week is still doing two Total Body Circuit. Oh boy! I hope this week it will get easier. I might add in Hip Hop Abs in the mix just because I miss doing the routine.

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