Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Focus T25 Second Week Review

Wow! What an amazing second week. I am following the scheduled for Week 2, which I have to do Cardio two time this week. Cardio is definitely tough for me because jumping around get my heart rate up faster. I am definitely breathless by the half time milestone.

t25-haniz Weight today: 58.6kg

I am definitely didn’t expect the scale to come down drastically because I am only have 2 kg to shred but I have inches to loose due to a lot of flabby skin hanging around.

My Review and Tips

  • Squeezing 25 minutes of workout during Ramadan is  bit tough because during the night we have so many routine to accomplished right after iftar.
  • Try not too eat too many food during iftar, otherwise you need longer than two hours gap after meal to do a workout.
  • You still need to drink a lot of water during Ramadan. Make a conscious decision to drink at least 2-3 liter of water at night
  • Doing Cardio Workout two time this week is really a challenge for me. Things doesn’t seem easier third time around especially when you really focus and give 100%
  • On the fifth day where I have to do two workouts in one day, I did Lower Focus before iftar and Abs Interval after Tarawikh
  • I realize that if I did Lower Focus workout , the low impact version, I can make it till the end and did not collapse
  • I really love the way I feel after I’ve finished the workout
  • I have never thought that Squad will be the easiest exercise in a workout routine. With T25 you will really appreciate the break from jumping to doing squad

Looking forward to Week 3. I hope I can survive the week with two Total Body Circuit this coming week. I think it’s the toughest workout in the Alpha Phase.


Zeta Zainal said...

Sis,follow tru video ke?
Beli kt mane ye?

Hanizeyecandy said...

tak beli. Download daripada torrent

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