Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Focus T25 First Week Review and my routine during Ramadan

Wow! It was the longest 25 minutes of my life! I never thought I could be out of breath in just 25 minutes. Amazing!


A little bit about myself

  • I gave birth to a baby boy about one year ago
  • I was definitely out of shape because I rarely workout during my pregnancy months
  • I was too tired all the time to start working out religiously after 6 months postpartum. I had C-sec delivery, so 6 months was the safe mild stone to start high impact workout
  • Earlier this year I decided to jump on the fitness wagon and start working out regularly
  • I started with Jillian Michael 6 weeks, 6 packs then Jillian Killer Abs and then Jillian Body Revolution. I immediately fall in love with the idea of working out for 30 minutes a day. I can definitely handle 30 minutes
  • Then I discovered Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T. This is definitely the most fun workout I have ever done and I can really see the result on my tummy
  • Last week I discover Focus T25 also by Shaun T. I really love the idea of workout for 25 minutes and since I am already in Ramadan month, this workout is perfect for me
  • Last week I weigh 60.2kg and this week I weigh 58.7kg and my height is 157cm.
  • My goal is to be in at least 56kg by the end of Ramadan

Given my fitness background, I am not really overweight and I have lots of flabby skin to tighten, here is my review of Focus T25 on the first week.

  • I really have to give my 100% focus from the start or I will loose balance
  • My favorite part is the last 5 minutes of the workout
  • I love that every workout comes with 2 –3 minutes cool down stretch
  • I love running and sprinting but jumping around with squat really hurts my feet
  • I never thought doing Squat is one my favorite thing because I can finally catch by breath
  • Consume a well balance diet and staying hydrate is really really important
  • Wear a proper workout shoes and workout clothes is really important to prevent injury

Here is my routine during Ramadan

  • Sahur (around 5:00am) - I drink 2 liter of Herbalife Shake (4-5 scopes of Formula 1 and 2 scopes of Formula 3). I drink 1 litter of Herbalife Tea Mix. I ate 3 to 4 dates
  • Iftar (around 7:30pm) – I eat regular food, basically 1/4 plate of rice with chicken or fish,  dates and I drink 500 ml of Herbalife Tea Mix
  • Do my maghrib prayer, recite a few verses of Quran and drink another 200 – 300 ml of Herbalife Tea Mix
  • Do Isya’ prayer and Tarawikh prayer and after that recite a few verse of Quran.
  • Nurse my baby and drink another 400ml of Herbalife TeaMix
  • [Note: for the 1.2 litter of bottle water (1 small scope of Herbalife Tea Mix) ]
  • Around 9:45pm or 10:00pm – I do my Focus T25
  • By 10:35pm I’m done with my routine for the day and it’s time to relax, sip my drink again and finished off the remaining water
  • If I feel hunger after that high intensity workout, I take 200 – 300ml of herbalife shake (2 scopes of Formula 1 and 1 scope of Formula 3) [I don’t do this every single night, only when I am really hungry]

So far I am happy with the routine. I feel energetic during the day and I feel good about myself.

Looking forward to Week 2. I did Cardio Alpha for the second time and I still can’t barely made it till the end without switching to the modified version.

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