Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a toddler and a photo shoot

Yesterday I shared a few photos from our wedding anniversary photo shoot and today I would like to share a few photos from the same photo shoot with my kids.
As I mention before, taking a toddler to a photo shoot was not easy. Hanif didn’t care about our schedule, all he cared about was eat, play and sleep.
Here are a few things I learned from our previous session:
1. Always make a photo session with a toddler immediately when you arrive. That was time when he was fully rested and full. He was in a good mood and very excited to explore his new world. It was not a good idea to make him wait.
2. Never force a toddler to look at the camera. Hanif would not look at the camera immediately, he usually looked the other way just to test us. Mostly we have to entice him and make the photo shoot more fun for him.
3. When a toddler started to make a fuss and restless, stop immediately and attend to his needs. During that time out, focus on other family member. They can have all the fun while you attend to your toddler needs.
4. Bring lots of familiar toys for him to play with. My local photo studio don’t have many props for toddler to play, so he had limited access to all things he can play with. Having something familiar for him to enjoy while waiting for you, is definitely a brilliant idea
Hope this little tips that I learned (the hard way I might add) will give you an idea of what to expect when you are planning a studio photo shoot with a toddler any time soon.
hanif2 hanif3 hanif4 hanif5 hanif6

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