Wednesday, July 24, 2013

10 things why having a toddler in the house is awesome

I have been living with a toddler since April this year. Life has been such an amazing and hectic journey. Fitting in your schedule to meet his unpredictable moods is sometimes fun and some time frustrating. Deciphering a toddler language really require focus and attention. I am enjoying every moment of it. 
Here are 10 things why having a toddler in the house is awesome:

1. Those adorable smile every time he sees you. It's  really amazing feeling when your baby suddenly recognize you as the most important person in the world
2. Hearing his beautiful voice mumbling sounds and words every time he explore his world. So beautiful.
3. Watching him while he learns to balance himself while standing
4. Your toddler magically, found most of the things that you thought you lost forever. It's amazing how you can find almost anything when you spend most of your time on the floor
5. His cute and beautiful eyes watching you leave as you go to work in the morning
6. The way he insist that I hold him when he wants to nurse really melt my heart. I immediately stop what I am doing a give my full attention to him. I really love the way how a toddler can make you prioritize what's important in life
7. Hearing him said the word "emak" for the first time was really amazing and he recognize that "emak" means me

8. Conversation with him is so much fun. Both talk differently and yet we seems to understand each other perfectly

9. taking photos of your toddler is the most challenging tasks at the moment. Making him look at the camera is something that is not easy to do. He is constantly looking at other things. But when you've managed to capture that sweet moment when he look at you and smile, it's the most rewarding thing.
10. You are constantly redecorating, rearranging and keeping things out of sight so that your toddler doesn't get a hold of it especially when it comes to your most expensive things. No more leaving things everywhere, hoping that it will stay there the next time you want to use it.

Ever since Hanif reached his first year milestone, I’ve stop taking photos of him daily. Some how I am regretting that I am missing a lot of his development and progress. So I decided that from today onwards I am going to make a conscious effort to at least capture him on camera ever other day and blog and document cute things about him at least once a week. I really want to remember as much as I can about his second twelve months.

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