Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If I could have three wishes

Last month I did 10 things you would tell your sixteen years old self in 30 things my kids should know about me project. I just love the prompt from this project because it forces me to think and dig deeper. It really helps me to learn more about myself too. Today I choose this prompt...

If I could have three wishes...
# I would have wish for a healthy and happy life - My life is a little bit crazy lately. Finding balance is not an easy thing to do especially when taking care of your health and to maintain a happy life.
# I would have wish for the power to make people feel safe, happy and young - Hehe this would be a super duper cool power to have, making other people feel better just by being around you
# I would have wish for a secure place in Haven - It would be great to know that you have a place in Haven where you will live forever and ever

3wishes [clip_image008%255B5%255D.jpg]

What are your wishes if you could only have three? 

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