Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 things I did with my #30lists layouts

Did any of you join the 30 days of lists challenge? If you did, what do you do with the lists?
Some of you might write them down in a notebook, some make an art journal , some make a scrapbook page and some just write them on their blogs. There’s no wrong way of doing this project. This is what made the project so much fun and challenging at the same time. It can be what ever you want.
As for me, when I started out doing this project I have no idea if I want to make the lists digitally or hybrid. So in the end I decided to make both (digital and hybrid). So today, I would love to share with you what I did with my 30 days of lists project.
Here are the three things I did with my 30 days of lists layouts.
#1. Make an Art Journal
This is the conventionally way of doing a hybrid project. I made all of my lists using Adobe Photoshop. I used an A4 Size canvas for all my lists. I printed the lists on a photo paper at 84.5%, so that it will fit perfectly into my B5 size notebook. I cut them out and paste them in the notebook.
#2. Make a pdf file
I would also love to have a digital copy in a form of a file which I can browse as a single file. I want to enjoy this on my computer and also my mobile device. So making a pdf file of all the images is the best option.
First I arranged all the files in Microsoft PowerPoint in a portrait mode. Then I saved the file by choosing pdf type option and tick minimal for viewing on the web. Now my file is ready to be view by any application that support pdf.
#3. Make an ebook
I used a lot of ipad daily. I was looking for ways that I can enjoy my 30 days of lists as an ebook. I found ePub Maker and downloaded a trial version to create my own ebook. The apps is  easier to use but I can’t preview the book until I open it in ibook.
artjournal-ebook-30daysoflists1 For now, I am happy with the results. It do what it’s suppose to do and I have them on by ibook bookshelf.
Note: You also can open the pdf file that you created in ibook but the look and feel is just not the same. Just saying… hehehe…
I hope you are inspire to do more with your masterpiece. Right now I am thinking of printing some of the lists and frame them.

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ilass said...

teruja sangat!
tiba2 rasa minat sangat!
owh.. memang i dh jatuh cinta la..

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