Wednesday, September 19, 2012

in his swing

Today is Hanif first day at a day care. I am nervous and really worry that he will cry out loud and won’t take milk in a bottle. Deep down I am hoping and praying that he will adjust to the fact that mommy is not going to be around as often as he likes.
I am already missing him. The best thing I can do right now is praying for his well being and playing with his photos. I really miss those cute face and those adorable smiles.
This photos were taken last week. At first he was so sleepy and a little bit cranky. I put him in his swing so that he would take a nap. In the end he ended up playing with his fingers and making cute noises.
(  I think between him and me, I’m the one who has to be strong. Not rushing to his rescue when he scream for me, or shall I say mother’s milk)
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Salina Salmee Ali said...

along dah start hantar dh? huhu..sedih lak rasa..nnt camne nak anta Umar ni :(

Ashley Sisk said...

I completely understand. I keep Felicity at home but when I'm doing client work, she has to stay home with daddy and I'm always nervous about leaving her.

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