Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tutorial: Text on Path

Last week I share with you how to use lovely polaroid frames. I hope you enjoy making and posting your photos using polaroid frames.
Learning a new technique is always fun. In the last few weeks I learned how to write text on path. After a few practice and understand how that works, it is not as scary as I though it would be. Once you understand the basic you can write on any path.
Today I would like to show you how to type text on a circle using Adobe Photoshop. For this tutorial I used Adobe Photoshop CS5. This is a layout I made last week


Here are the steps to make text path for your scrapbook or art work

Step 1: Open your art work in Photoshop


Step Two: Insert a new layer at the top. Choose elliptical marquee tool and draw a circle


Step 3: Right click on the selection and choose Make Work Path, tolerance 2 px


Step 4: Choose Type Tool and click on the outside of the work path to type on the circle around the photo. If you click inside the circle it will fill up the circle area.


That’s it. With this basic you can type in basically any shape that your like. Just convert the selection into a work path and you can type on any  shape.

Note: to adjust the work path you make, use path selection tool


I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have fun playing with text on path.

Thursday Favorite Things


Unknown said...

waaaa....thanks!!! baru tau function ni.. hehehe!

Unknown said...

You are one talented lady!! Beautiful!
Thank you so much for joining us in Thursdays Favorite Things Blog Hop! With His grace, wishing you peace and many blessings to you and yours... Carla

Katherines Corner said...

you are so pretty! Thank you for your bloggy friendship and for sharing on the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Hoping you have a great weekend xo

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