Friday, August 31, 2012

Ten things on my mind right now


#1. Happy Merdeka day to all Malaysian. May we stay Merdeka for a long time to come

#2. I am not feeling so good today. My throat is a bit itchy and I have a mild cough

#3. I am so excited that 30 days of list is starting tomorrow

#4. I am looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend

#5. I have a new toy to play with. So excited

#6. I love watching my baby sleep. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world

#7. After almost two weeks of eating a lot of food, I need to take control of my weight again. My goal is to fit into my pre pregnancy cloth with easy without have to hold my breath

#8. Lusting over Luminosity Action by Paint the moon. Too expensive after converting to Ringgit Malaysia

#9. My baby is growing up healthy and beautifully. He is already wearing clothes 6-12 months range and  he is only 4 months. I worry about his well being after I go back to work, which will be really soon.

#10. Wanting to run again. Can I do it after taking a break for more than a year?

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