Monday, August 13, 2012

day 220–day 226 // the last 10 days

The last ten days of Ramadan is the time to increase your ibadah and getting ready to say good bye to Ramadan. Do some reflection. Did you learn anything this month, did you grow as an individual? For me I just realize that when I recite the same surah over and over again, I am starting to memorize the verse. I thought I can never do that at this age.

Here are my daily something from last week

day 220 – I am glad that my son can still get the nutrition from nursing even though I am fasting


day 221 – me without any makeup on. I do miss getting up early in the morning and get ready for work


day 222 – my son is already starting to roll to his side, getting ready to roll over


day 223 – my daughter and her new red hijab for Eid


day 224 – this mark the day that my son roll over to his stomach for the first time. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to record in on camera


day 225 – my new baju kurung (Malay traditional dress for woman) for Eid


day 226 – the packing. Oooo I really hate to pack.


Note: I just realize that all of these photos were taken with my iphone

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Tamar SB said...

His cheeks are so precious! Your daughter's new hijab is so pretty, love the gems! What age do muslin girls begin to wear a hijab - or is it different for each family?

Hanizeyecandy said...

It's different for every family but majority of us train our young girls to wear hijab as early as 7 years old.

Gina Kleinworth said...

WOW- how big he's getting & already rolling.

I love hearing about the different things you do in your culture. Like what Ramadan is about & the things you learn about yourself during that time. So fascinating to learn something new & I'm so grateful for your sharing it.

Unknown said...

The photos of your children are gorgeous! I can't believe they were taken with an iPhone!

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