Saturday, July 28, 2012

Project Life // Week 11

project life

I am making a journal about Hanif first 12 months using Project Life method. So far I am loving the process. I start the week from Friday until next Thursday. If your are doing project life by documenting your daily life you might want to read Amy’s Project Life process.

If you focus just on one theme or one subject like me, maybe you can do what I do.
These are basically my project life process – Hanif’s daily life from the day he was born until now.

Date: 13 July – 19 July
Photos: mostly using iphone
Upload Photos to my computer: every Thursday and Sunday
Method: Hybrid – I made the layouts digitally and print them out and paste them into a journal. I made a digital template so the proses becomes easier each time. It’s a freebie if you want to download it.
Time : 1-2 hours to finished two layouts
Kits and Journaling Cards: All of them are from my current collections that I bought from various digishop
Journaling: I just kept it to a minimum. So far I didn’t plan anything, I just look at the photo and write what I feel or what I was thinking when I look at it 
Timetable: I usually will do my Project life on Thursday until Saturday

I really like the idea of a color scheme mention in Amy’s post. I might tried one in the future.

Week 11 Page 1



 Week 11 page 2


I really enjoy taking photos of my baby boy. It would be ashamed to let all the photos stay inside my hard disk. This project really gives me a reason to capture his development, document it and print it out.

Do you have lots of photos in your hard disk? What do you do with them? Do you print them out? Hang them up?

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