Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hanif 3 months

It's Tuesday and it’s time to learn photo editing technique. This week is creating matte photo effect. I am not sure if I got this technique right.
This is my photo before the edit
Hanif-3months and this is after the edit. Learn how to make this look at Ashley Rambling and Photos.
Random things about him
  • on stomach he can lift head up to 45 degrees
  • laugh out loud
  • squeal in delight
  • smile spontaneously
  • did not have fever after his third immunization
  • sleep at least four to five hours straight at night
  • the frequency of his bowel movement has decreased in frequency per day
  • turn his head when he hears my voice
  • weigh at 6.2kg
  • no longer can fit into his new born clothes
  • still hates tummy time
  • still loves to swaddle when sleeping at night
  • calm immediately after hearing shushing sound
This is him at two months. One month do make a lot of different. He is a big baby now. Growing up fast and healthy.
Tutorial Tuesday


Ashley Sisk said...

I love the extra light your edit brought in.

Kaylene said...

Great edit.

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