Sunday, June 17, 2012

5 things // instant infant swaddle

Fifteen years ago, I was having trouble swaddling my baby with a blanket or a napkin. By second month I gave up swaddling my baby due to unsuccessful technique. My baby cried a lot and so did I.

Now I am so thankful with this instant infant swaddle. It's so easy and fast to use, even my ten years old daughter can easily wrap her brother securely without any problem.

5 things why I love this instant infant swaddle:
#1. My baby sleep well when I wrapped him in this soft and comfortable wrap
#2. Easy to use
#3. The material is 100% cotton
#4. The adjustable self-velcro fasteners is brilliant
#5. The price is affordable and it's worth every penny

Now my baby cry less and I can easily calm him down with Dr. Harvey's technique . Swaddling is the first tool you have to use to start calming your baby. And it works!

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