Monday, April 9, 2012

The last mile

I just can't believe that I've in my last month. Either I'm ready or not, the Big Day will come. So I am going to take the opportunity to get myself ready since right now all I have is time..

Getting ready checklist //
# prepare hospital bag and put the bag on standy by mode
# prepare mentally and emotionally
# get myself educate about C section if that's what the doctor recommend
# rereading my old breastfeeding book- reeducate myself to make breastfeeding a success one more time
# do some light stretching especially my lower body to prepare for labor
# document and capture every moment before the baby comes..
# make sure to buy necessary medicine - tradisional or not for after the birth
# rereading the labor and delivery chapter on What to Expect when you are expecting book

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