Sunday, January 15, 2012

Makeover your life // Part 2

“Grateful people are also often more content because they don’t spend a lot of time comparing themselves with others.”

The second part of makeover your life. To see the list for part 1 click here.

#16) Make the bed as soon as you get up

#17) Take a deep breath

#18) Stay away from the computer for 24 hours

#19) Replace has-beens

#20) Spoil yourself


#21) Stop multi-tasking

#22) Empty your handbag

#23)Turn the phone off for a day

#24) Do less for today

#25) Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself something good

#26) Do something fun with someone you like

#27) Lose an argument

#28) Sleep an hour earlier

#29) Meditate. Five minutes or 30 minutes

#30) Say no today

* I just can’t believe that the weekend is almost over. The weather is a little bit hot today. I just don’t want to go outside. I intend to do a lot of things but somehow those things are left unattended.

Note: source from Cleo January 2011

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