Monday, December 19, 2011

5 tips // how to control your weight when you are pregnant

When it comes to food and pregnancy we seldom think about food portion. This happened to me in the first few months of my pregnancy, I eat a lot and nothing can stop me. 
But when I took Blood Sugar Level test last month, I was shocked. The result wasn't good... my blood sugar level was at the border line and if I don't take control of my diet I could get diabetics. 
I guess that was a wake up call for me. When you are 40, your body is not as forgiving as when you were in your 20's.

So this is what I do to control my weight

  • My doctor warn me never eat for two. So I just have to remind myself not to eat more that I should. " Makan bila lapar and berhenti sebelum kenyang" rule still apply here
  • I eat a lot of high fiber bread and reduce my rice and sugar intake daily
  • Eat supplements - I take obimin, calcium and salindah daily without fail
  • I drink Anmum Materna milk everyday
  • I exercise at least 3 times weekly
So by my next month appointment, I have managed to control my weight gain to a minimum. Alhamdulillah.

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