Thursday, August 18, 2011

iRenew // When life were slower

I  know I am a bit late jumping into Project Love Me this month but I just don’t care. Life has be go go for me and this project really force me to stop and take stock.

August is a month for self renew. The theme for this month for Project Love Me was renew and this new kit is called iRenew. Available at Scrap Orchard. Items sold separately or as a bundle.

digital scrapbook collection irenew

Prompt 31: iRenew
We all need a little down time, a bit of rest & relaxation to renew our souls. What do you do to relax? What activities rejuvenate you? How do you find renewal after a stressful day or week?


Journaling:”There are a lot of different things I would love to do to recharge.. These areusually the things I do to make myself calm and relax. Reading, Blogging, Going for a massage and facial, jogging, facebooking, digiscrapping, Tumblr, self portrait and many more. If only I could maintain these activites on a regular basis than things might not seem so stressful after all.”


Prompt 32: When Life Was Slower
Nowadays we seem to be constantly on the move … everything is go, go, go … everything is faster. But not too long ago life moved at a slower pace, like a summer afternoon. We had more time for ourselves. What do you remember about the pace of life when you were a kid? What forms of recreation did you participate in? What activities fulfilled you and brought joy to your soul?


Journaling:”Reading used to be the only thing that kept me company for so long. I’ve enjoyed this activity started from high school. That was the only escape back then. Now, I still do read but not as often as I would have like.”

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