Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 things iphoneography

It has been awhile since I last posted any entry with 10 things theme. I’ve been doing this project for the whole of Ramadan to capture photos using only my iphone.

iphoneography is bascially photography using iphone. I was bitten by the iphoneography bug ever since I bought my first iphone. It was so much fun and really really convenient.

10 things you should do when you bought your iphone if you are a photographer at heart.

#1) Don’t use the camera app that comes with the phone. It is a big disappointment to me. The first apps I bought for photography was Camera+. It takes a lot of photos faster but you just have to copy them one by one to your camera roll.

#2) Instagram is the next application on my list. The amazing apps took photo in a square format, add filters and share them with your friends.

#3) DocScanner is really cool aps. Instead of using your photo for photography only, you can use it as a scanner. How cool is that?


#4) The next apps that I use often is Hipstamatic. This is such a cool apps. It feels and behave like a toy camera. I just love how the photo changes when you change the lens and the film

#5) The iphone camera can also be use as a note taking tools. Having Evernote in your mobile phone can really helps speed up note taking process, just snap the photo and sync them with your Evernote account

#6) If you love taking photos every day , why not gives Everyday apps a chance. There’s no instant gratification you just have to wait for volume

#7) Another cool photography apps is King Camera. It can take still images and also movie. The shutter speed is a bit faster and you can take multiple photos without having to see them one by one.

#8) Ttv Camera is also on my list of favorite photography apps. The image was beautiful and grungy. I love the old and ruin effect.


#9) One more thing before I forgot, don’t use iphone flash. To me it is worthless. The photos looks horrible. Use the apps instead to adjust exposure

#10) Never leave home without your cute iphone and try to capture as many photos as you can with a lot of different angle.


I haven’t try TiltShift Generator . I would to give this a try. Looks cool and amazing. TiltShift Generator was designed to create a miniature effect, but you can also use it to create a depth of field effect that you would normally achieve with a DSLR. All you need to do is put whatever you want into focus and blur the background.

Have fun with you iphone. I know I do!!!

1 comment:

J u l i a 。.゜✿ said...

dalam iphone ju ada itimercam. i find it really useful.
kak nizah dah try snapeee ? ala ala instagram.
lepas tu ju guna cinemaFXV utk edit my videos. aaaa love this app so much ! u shud try.
photostudio & photoshake pun best =D

now ju nak try tiltshift generator lah.. bye kak nizah !

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