Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 things // Essential Apps for Ipad

When I first got my ipad I was totally  clueless on which apps to install first. There are so many apps available at the Apps Store which makes looking for the right apps seems overwhelm. When it comes to the right apps it boils down to what fits your needs and your personality.

These are the 10 Apps I think you should download first if you are a working woman, a blogger, a mother and a life artist


I had BlogPress for iphone and the same apps is compatible with ipad. I am so glad that it did. I used BlogPress to update my blog almost daily. It’s easier to configure and use. It support html coding directly on the editing dashboard.



Quran Majeed has a different version for iphone and ipad. It also comes with Lite version and Full version. You can download the lite version for free to see if you like it before purchased the full version. I used Quran Majeed to recite by daily reads.


The most fun notetaking apps so far. I can access my notes anywhere from variety platforms. The only limitation with the free version is the space and the quota of uploading your notes. I might consider buying the premier version someday.


Box lets you store documents, media and all of your content online, so you can access, manage and share them from anywhere. I used box net to transfer files between my computer and my ipad. You get 5GB free storage and it’s fast. I can get access to my important files on the go.

awesome notes

I am still getting the hang of using Awesome Notes. It comes with two version,  one for ipad and one for iphone. I really love the look and fee for ipad version. Somehow everything make sense in ipad. Now I am using it everyday to keep track of all my to do list. The paid version is $4.99.


I love the twitter apps for ipad. It looks good and easier to navigate. You can even browse website right from Twitter. And the beautiful thing is it’s free.


I love this apps. Other than writing and drawing on it, you can also add text . For me it’s take a little bit of practice to get use to the apps. You can sync your notes with google docs or dropbox or you can email your notes and convert it into a photo file or a pdf file.


I like this app. You can convert your ipad into a desk clock.


This is an app for your facebook. If you’re on facebook all the time then you should install this apps first. It’s more ipad friendly compare to other apps.


Write, sketch, imagine and remember. Your touch creates stunning ink. Organize your ideas in beautiful notebooks, then share and collaborate with your coworkers, classmates, and friends. I love to doodle and this apps suits my needs to doodle perfectly.

Have fun looking at these amazing apps for ipad!

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