Friday, July 15, 2011

List #8 // In My Bag

Last March I did this post on what’s in my bag? so for today list I’m gonna do what’s in my bag pack.
IMG_2434 copy
I carry this bag everywhere I go and I really collect a few things a long the way...
1. A Book A Place called here – I always have a book with me. It’s a habit I pick up during high school
2. Notebook – I write down most of my blog ideas in here
3. Makeup bag – some essential in there to look pretty ( may be I will share what’s in my makeup bag next time)
4. Hard Disk Holder – I  have like 4 hard disk in there
5. My Love // Vaio – I can’t live without it
6. Buffalo External Hard Disk – I just need to have a robust hard disk in my collection because I’ve always drop things.
So there you have it! What’s in your bag pack today?
My list so far….. List#1, List#2 , List#3 , List#4 , List #5, List #6 and List #7. If you want to see the whole list, check out this site

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