Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today is All About Me

The day is finally here. I've been draging this day since January. I tought it's going to be awful! I am so glad that I was wrong!

G lists - the birthday version
* the sound of my alarm clock in the morning
* the sight of my daughter sleeping beside me
* the beeping sound of friends wishing me Happy birthday on my facebook wall
* getting ready in the morning to go to work
* the sight of my friends and college around me.. smiling and greetings me
* my beautiful blog
* #iphonenography
* iphone apps that enrich my life especially blogpress
* the sight of pink make me happy
* the desire to smile and feel excited about life
* cupcakes
* looking forward to photography session this afternoon

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1 comment:

She's DHHassan said...

nice blog kak..i follow u..sudi singgah larh blog buruk sye

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