Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday blues and all things related to it

Somehow I can't believe that today was such a long day for me. Luckily I have Herbalife [thanks joegrimjow] to keep me energetic and focus. Having to juggle more that one meeting at a time was such a challenge for me. On top of that I also have a few administrative tasks that need attention.

Thankfully I have Instagram to keep me amuse and entertain during such an intense day.

[And tomorrow I have to repeat the same cycle with double the meetings! Don’t they know that I am only one person? How am I suppose to split myself?]

Anyway back to much more happy and creative way of expressing myself, through digiscrapping

iwantedtobe-web I used Me Me Me! Kit by Jen C Designs. Available at Sunshine Studio Scraps.

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