Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love Me , Love Me Not Episode 1

This lonely and quite Sunday night, makes me feel a little bit nostalgic all of a sudden. I was blog hopping and I read these love letters written by Mr Larson to her sweetie, Elsie. I just realize that if I want to wait for someone to write me a love letter, I might have to wait a very long time. So this got me thinking, why not I write one for myself. I really have a love hate relationship with myself lately. I got so confuse and overwhelm with the things I do and don’t do.

This project might give myself a chance to celebrate being me and love myself more instead of hating myself


Dear me,

I really love the fact that you are good to yourself. You take care of yourself really well. You don’t look your age and you have the energy and the attitude to go with it. No matter how many times you fall, you will find a way to get up again and move forward. You hate being angry and sad all the time. It doesn’t suit you and your upbeat personality. No matter what you will find a way to make yourself happy and motivated again. You are so comfortable with yourself and that makes some people uneasy to be around you.


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