Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amazing One : 10 things

In todays world, we are presented with so many choices and too much information at one go. It became very hard to make a decisions or to process anything. Sometimes you can’t help but feel dumb and overwhelm.

I think our Prime Minister may be on to something when he introduced 1 Malaysia concept / initiatives. The idea of one is very intriguing. It seems simple but not so easy to implement. Can we really live in todays world if we only have one family, one wife, one house, one car, one computer, one TV, one channel, one phone or one telephone plan?


The idea of one is really about focus and unity. It gives your mind and your heart the space it needs to focus your everything to accomplish something great.

My two cents to adopt the idea of One in our daily lives, the 10 things version

#1. Having one place for all your to do lists should be a start. Having more than one place for your to do list really makes keeping up with stuffs a lot harder

#2. One calendar for your life either for work or personal. You only have one life to live, so this makes sense to me

#3. If you are a blogger, maybe you might want to try keeping just one blog. I actually have some personal experience in this area. When I first started blogging, I have about 4 blogs – one personal , one like a diary, one for mobile fun and one for scrapbooking. It can be fun in the beginning but after awhile it got so overwhelming and some of my blogs got neglected. In the end, I decided to close all my other blogs and just focus on just one blog.

#4. Focus on one task at a time. Sometimes multitasking can be great when you need to finished a lot of things faster without worrying about quality. A lot of times, quality get sacrificed along the way. It’s essential to give the task 100% of your focus, time, energy and attention.

#5. Living two lives  can be hard and exhausting. Why not try to live one life instead. Make a decision which one you want and stick to it.

#6. Read one book at a time and finished it before starting another  book

#7. Try open one website at at time. I tend to open more that one website at a time and most of the  time I got really confuse about why I open that website in the first place.

#8. Commit to one thing at a time. One  might be the loneliest number but it’s the easiest number to commit to. I usually tend to buy a lot of digital scrapbook kits a month and I rarely  used them because I can easily forgot what kit I bought. So this year, I make a commitment to just buy one product per month and scraps as many layout as I can

#9. Have one credit card in your wallet where ever you go. So easy to manage and keep track of all you spending

#10. Have one bottle of water near you  and finished  it before having another bottle of water. It’s just so much easier to manage and keep track of  your water in take per day

** Bonus for guys, are you up for the idea of one especially in regards to one wife? Do you think when guys have more than one wives they  have excellent time management skills or their wives are the one who doing all the managing and the guys are just along for the ride?


sailaaf said...

sangat suka kannya..nice tips.hehe

fadlisabri said...

visit here frm Egypt~

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