Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I think? Double review

Limitless  StarStarStarStar


What I think?
#1) I love Bradley Cooper , that’s a plus and the reason I wanted to watch this movie
#2) What if a pill could make you smart? That’s really an intriguing concept.
#3) the storyline is interesting and keep me guessing till the end
#4) The movie really explore the things that you can do and achieve if you use 100% of your brain and things you can do with the knowledge than you can learned in a speed of light
#5) I highly recommend this movie

Scream 4   StarStarStarStar


What I think?

#1) I’ve contemplating whether to watch this movie on a big screen or not, since yesterday. I like Scream but never watched it on a big screen. At the end I decided to just watch it on a big screen
#2) It has a feel to the original Scream, given that they bring us back to Woodsboro, where it’s all started
#3) I wasn’t disappointed with this one, new decade new rules. It has a lot of surprises and a lot of screaming on my part
#4) If you are a Scream fan, you are going to love this movie

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