Monday, April 18, 2011

Hanizeyecandy April Giveaway! kertas conteng

Hello , hello and a very happy evening to all. I am happy to announce the third week of my giveaway belongs to …..


Congratulations girl for taking part in my giveaway. She choose these photos..


And I turned them into this…


I hope she likes it..

If you want me to beautify your photo join my April giveaway. Just one more Saturday. For details click here. To see what I made for the previous winners click here and here.


miiza.suki said...

waa ~
tengs pilih saya
tapi mcm mane nak amik gmbr tuh ?
em, bole tak kalo nak suruh emailkan gmbr tuh kat

tankiu ! :DD

NUR AYNIE said...

congrats to her~

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