Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Pleasure Speedlinking–29.04.2011

It’s Friday again and it’s the last Friday of April. I am really glad that the week is almost over. I’m really looking forward to my lovely weekends.

Something great is happening today. It’s the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Kate. I wish I can take to day off and watch the Royal Wedding Live!


There’s so many posts around the cyber world and my blog list . So here are the 10 posts  I would like to share. Enjoy!

  • Raising three kids in todays world is so stressful and challenging. I love this 5 simple ways to reboot your family from Zen Habits. Once in a while you need to do something fun with your family.
  • I love this site. So many great ideas, not only for scrapbooker but also for bloggers too. Journaling This Day In History is another great post about expanding your journaling horizon. Great Idea!
  • I am a new reader to Simply Kate blog. I am so glad I found her blog. I like Letters too. Once upon a time, that was the only thing that kept me sane. Reading this post brought me back the memories of the good old days.
  • Another great post from Simple Mon - Will we ever see eye to eye? – the art of agree to disagree --
  • I’ve been blog hoping from for the love of blogs and really loving all the blogs there.
  • Another great find – it’s all about the royal wedding. I still can remember the day Prince Charles and Lady D got married. It was a major event back then.
  • Very interesting recycle ideas. Hand beg yang pelik at belog Nur Aynie.
  • Life can be cruel, hectic and stressful. Sometimes it is just so hard to stop and smell the flowers. That’s why I like thankful thoughts series from Ali Edward blog. A reminder for me to stop and take stock things that I am thankful for.
  • Things like this and this makes me fall in love with tumblr.
  • iphone 5 rumors roundup . Is iphone 5 going to be my next smartphone?

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♥.::cintabunga™blogspot::.♥ said...

singgah dari segmen abg ben & balas kunjungan :)

<a href="><b>Hadiah 400..??takkan cik bunga menang kotttt..</b></a>

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