Friday, March 4, 2011

lesson learnt in February

Since March is already here and February is totally gone, I would really like to recap things I learnt in February
* tumblr is still the best place to hang out
* working hours is no longer from 8:30 am – 5:30pm
* spending one whole week at my parents’ house was a blast
* doing things that are beyond your scope of work is the trend now
* my stress level is way too high
* I am spending less and less time on Facebook
* I am rediscovering twitter
* my heart is beating way too fast every time I touch Sony Vaio pink
* “People” around the office were crazy with ipad. iPad seems to be the in thing now
*  And Social Media talk is every where, I am not really sure what IT can do about it. This type media require a lot of time and resources
* I feel like lately I’ve been distance from my friends and people I can about. Is it me or is it them? Need to figure that one out
* I am a little bit obsess with spaghetti lately

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