Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 13 performance

I am watching American Idol 10 on Star World at this very moment. This week theme is singing a song of your idol. I am really hoping that tonight show is going to be breath taking.
Lauren : beautiful song and I like her voice
Casey : Amazingly great and beautiful!!

Ashton: I like her performance but not that excited
Paul: love his voice, so unique and sweet.

Pia: Wow! Amazing voice and simply beautiful!
James: Wow again! What a great voice! He is definitely my new favorite.

Hailey: hemmm.. not my favorite tonight. I think it’s really hard to top up James. I agree with Randy.
Jacob Lusk : something is a bit o with his singing tonight. hemmm.. it’s not bad but is just not that great. I am a bit disappointed with his performance.

Thia: I love her voice but I think the song is a little bit too old for her. Come on Thia..what are you doing?
Stefano: hemm.. interesting but I don’t really feel it. Not really my favorite.

Karen: I like her voice but I’m not sure her performance is great enough compare to last week.
Scotty : Oh My God! Amazingly great and beautiful! Love love love him!!!

Naima: hemm.. I don’t really like her voice but I like her charisma and character. Such a unique soul but definitely not forgettable.

It’s already the end of the show and of all the performance, Hailey’s is definitely forgettable. Can’t wait for tomorrow to see who goes home.

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